We use a thoughtful approach and extensive knowledge to craft the strongest possible legal strategy, so the legal system works for our clients’ benefit. HOTMA SITOMPOEL LAW FIRM provides legal service to its Clients in both Non Litigation and Litigation fields.

Practice Areas


Legal Advice

HOTMA SITOMPOEL LAW FIRM provides Legal Advice in any legal matters requested by Clients.


The aim of this business is to find a peaceful settlement between a Client and his adversary. HOTMA SITOMPOEL LAW FIRM lawyers are full of experience in handling negotiations for either a small matter (aimed at settling a family dispute) or a big one, like the negotiation aimed at formulating the amicable settlement relating to a claim amounted at billions of US dollars which is filed by a freight forwarder company to a pulp factory. The lawyers at our law office are also eligible to represent Client in a company shareholders meeting in order to defend the Client’s interests in the deliberation of the meeting. To represent a Client in an employer-employee negotiation is also available. In case of unsuccessful negotiation, our office is available to represent a Client before a labour mediation forum.

Contract Drafting

By the request of a Client, HOTMA SITOMPOEL LAW FIRM assists Clients in the drafting of a contract in such a manner, that the contract will be legally permissible, acceptable by all involved parties, and not detrimental to the Client’s interest. In practice this business covers a wide range of legal fields, starting from drafting a contract for the just division of an inheritance, or drafting a contract for the provision of bank loan, up to drafting a freight forwarder contract between an Indonesian company and its overseas counterpart.

Legal Audit

The law in Indonesia requires a company to be legally audited prior to being licensed to sell its shares in a capital market (stock market). Our office has obtained the license from the authoritative government agency to conduct legal audit. Our office is a member of the Association of Stock Market’s Legal Consultants (HKHPM). The legal audit can also conducted by the request of a Client to satisfy a certain Client’s purpose or need.


By the request of a Client, the lawyers of HOTMA SITOMPOEL LAW FIRM are eligible to conduct an investigation aimed at finding a certain fact, document or legal position which is necessary to answer or resolve a legal problem. Some examples of this investigation are the one aimed at specifying a family’s estate, and the one conducted in order to find relevant legal facts relating to a request for patent license. Upon request of a company Client, investigation may also be conducted for the sake of the compliance with the requirements of the environmental law.


A lawyer employed by HOTMA SITOMPOEL LAW FIRM is eligible to be requested by a Client either to become his arbitrator, or to represent the Client in the settlement of his case by an arbitration forum. The Client’s request in this case may be submitted in relation to a determination of a case by national permanent arbitration (known as BANI), or by a national non permanent arbitration, or by a foreign arbitration, like Singapore International Arbitration Chamber (SIAC), or even by an international arbitration, like Arbitration under UNCITRAL Rules.


HOTMA SITOMPOEL LAW FIRM handles all kinds of law cases, which embrace civil cases, criminal cases and administrative cases. To give legal assistance before a religious court (pengadilan agama) is also available. This office has even accompanied Client’s in the inquiries conducted by military investigators and in the adjudication conducted by military tribunals. The fields of law covered by this business, among others, are :

Criminal Law

HOTMA SITOMPOEL LAW FIRM has handled lots of criminal cases as the counsel for defense before Criminal Courts. This legal assistance is given not only to ordinary people, but also to military and police personnel. This office use to be appointed as the counsel of defense for some defendants who were prosecuted before a Military Tribunal. This office, too, use to be appointed as the counsel of defense for some military personel who were prosecuted before The Ad Hoc Human Right Tribunal.

Banking Law

Our Law Office has represented lots of banks in filing lawsuits against their bad debtors in order to recover the banks unpaid credits. In criminal cases our Law Office has provided legal assistance to some defendants accused of having committed bank crimes.

Company Law

Our Law Office has handled lots of cases involving disputes among shareholders, between a shareholder and a company, between a company and its board of directors, or between a shareholder and the board directors of a company

Contract Law

Our Law Office has handled lots of cases of breach of contract. One of the cases involves the alleged breach of contract relating to the purchase of air crafts. This case involves a national air carrier company and an overseas air craft broker company.

Agrarian Law

In this area our office has handled cases in which lands or buildings have been illegally occupied. Representing the client’s who are the legal owners of the lands and buildings, this office makes legal efforts in order to obtain court judgements ordering the illegal occupants to leave the lands and buildings, and to transfer the lands and buildings back to the possession and control of their righteous owners.

Tort Law

Our Office has represented many Client’s who become victims of torts which are committed by an individual, a company, a government official or a government agency.

Administrative Law

Our Office has lots of experiences in handling administrative law disputes.

Environmental Law

In this area, our law office may assist a company Client which is sued due to the allegation that the client has committed a breach against the environmental law. Our office may also represent a victim of pollution in filing lawsuit against the polluter

Bankruptcy Law

According to the new law on bankruptcy and in relation to Commercial Court, our office is available for giving legal and aimed at settlement of problems relating to loans via the Commercial Court. Some lawyers of our office are members of the Indonesian Receivers and Administrators Association.